Empowered Technologies

Our efficient and effective Prescription Benefit Solution is a personalized and transparent service designed to save you and your patients’ money and time. Our customized portal allows you to take control of your patients’ pharmaceutical care eliminating inefficiencies and providing your patients with the peace of mind they deserve. Start managing your pharmacy spend and help your patients get back to work safely.

Prescription Benefit Portal.

The best part is everything is done in real-time offering you accuracy and up-to-date reporting.

Transparent and Timely Reporting.

  • View individual patient reports.
  • Ensure eligibility.
  • Load all members and view medications they are taking.
  • Run group reporting.

Customized to Your Needs.

  • Streamline prescription coverage.
  • Search a list of local and mail order pharmacies.
  • Manage costs with our generic medication program.