Insurance Codes



A4565 Sling
L3650 Shoulder Immobilizer
L3700 Elbow strap/Epicondyle Band
E0191 ElbowPM Pad
L3670 Slingshot II
L3760 Elbow X-ACT ROM
L3760 Elbow Ranger
L3980 Humeral Cuff OTS (over the shoulder)


L3908 Wrist Splint(long)
L3908 Wrist Splint
L3807 Thumb Spica
L3807 TKO Splint
L3923 CMC Joint Splint


L1902 Ankle Stabilizer w/ Straps Figure 8 Style
L3260 Post-op Shoe
L4386 Pediatric Cam Boot
L4360 Boot Walker w/ air
L4386 ROM Cam Boot Walker
L4350 Ankle Honeycomb / Aircast
L3020 Spenco Orthotic Foot Inserts
L3480 Spenco Heel Inserts


L1830 Knee Immobilizer
L1832 Economy Hinge Knee Playmaker Alt.
L1832 Playmaker/Roadrunner Hinge Knee
L1832 TROM Knee Post-Op Knee Brace
L1845 OTS Knee ACL Brace
L1846 Custom ACL Brace
E0114 Crutches
E0114 Bariatric Crutches
L1825 Sport knee sleeve
L2795 Patella Strap
L1820 Lateral J Brace
L1820 Wrap-around Hinge Knee

The codes on this page are guidelines or suggested codes.

Please confirm coverage with your insurance company directly by calling the customer service number on your insurance card. Some claim forms are available on our website. To see if your insurance claim form is one of them, please click on the CLAIM FORMS tab. Some of the codes are linked to a manufacturer provided HCPCS Guideline letter. Click the highlighted code to view the letter. If the letter is available, submit a copy with your claim form.

CompDME does not guarantee they will be covered or accepted by your insurance company.